fastcgi 9000 listening killing sometimes

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Sun Feb 6 04:04:00 MSK 2011

On 2/5/11 6:53 PM, lifeisjustabout wrote:
> Hi,
> I have sites and connect fastcgi app :9000 sometimes fastcgi app closing
> unexceptly so my websites also down i have to start fastcgi app manually
> is there any possiblity that i can find out why fastcgi killing itself
> and if so, is there any possibility that i can add some command
> somewhere it will trigger to start fastcgi app again once its close

The problem is almost certainly with your app, not with nginx. I suggest 
that you look at the logs to ascertain the reason. As for 
monitoring/restarting you can use a program designed for that such as 
Monit or Supervisord.

> thanks.
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