URI pattern baffling problem

Gregory Agerba gregory.agerba at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 12:41:35 MSK 2011

Ok you are right, I did also copied it wrong, anyway, this one don't work
any better anyway:

if ($request_uri !~*
"^documents/([A-Z0-9-]{36})/pages/([A-Z0-9-]{36})/items/([A-Z0-9-]{36})" ) {
                        rewrite ^ http://www.google.com/ permanent;

Which does contain all slashes. The expression never match. I am trying with
the following URL


2011/2/8 Vitaly Tskhovrebov <vt at chgk.info>

> Because, as me and Splitice mentioned before, your regexp is not correct
> (at least I cannot see slashes between hash and pages). Fix it.
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