How to pass a certificate to an upstream

rainer at rainer at
Wed Feb 9 17:09:08 MSK 2011

> On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 02:54:21PM +0100, rainer at wrote:
>> I want to put NGINX in front of a server that requires
>> client-certificates.
>> I need to pass the certificate to the upstream.
>> How does one do that?
>> The upstream is a native jboss server (EJBCA in fact).
> You can pass client certificate using some header, X-SSL-CERT, for
> example:
> proxy_set_header  X-SSL-CERT  $ssl_client_cert;
> But I do not know how to get process it on jboss side.

OK, so I would need to ask on the EJBCA-side of things, it seems?

I read about $ssl_client_cert but couldn'd figure out how to pass it to
the upstream.

Thanks, Igor.

Best Regards,

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