turn off warning message on nginx

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Thu Feb 10 01:35:38 MSK 2011

> it means for each requests, every directory from / to the full path of the 
> script file, a check is done on the presence of .user.ini. This kills 
> performances and should be avoid in high loaded sites.

While I'm not suggesting this (I don't use it personally as no 
coder/developer should override my carefully crafted server configuration) 
it is not as bad as you say .

If you had looked at the documentation (and as far I tested it also works as 
described) you might notice that there is 'user_ini.cache_ttl' which 
controls how often are the ini files reread. Setting it high enough (default 
is 5 mins) won't give you any penalty at all versus the flexibility such 
approach provides.

"High loaded" sites wouldnt probably use .htaccess anyways which makes me 
think that the innitial poster doesnt really has one but asks for similar 

p.s. if you specifically do not disable (make an empty string '' setting for 
user_ini.filename in your php.ini ) php does this by default ..


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