Nginx 0.8.54: Index files bug?

Dayo nginx-forum at
Fri Feb 11 18:43:19 MSK 2011

Hi Maxim!

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> Hello!
> It should log something like "rewrite or internal
> redirection 
> cycle" at "error" level.  Obviously enough your
> config creates an 
> infinite loop on processing "/" as you set
> try_files's fallback to 
> effectively the same uri, just with extra "/"
> added.
> No idea why you have no logs - most likely you did
> something wrong 
> (e.g. nginx has no access rights to write the file
> in question and 
> config wasn't actually loaded due to this error,
> but you've 
> overlooked related messages in global error_log).

The error log file does log other errors.

> This one should use index.html as an index (and
> fallback to @proxy 
> if no index.html found or there is no directory at
> all).
Correct. It only works because it is falling back to apache.

Did you see my previous post?
When I comment out the try files directive, the index works.

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