Waiting Patiently

SplitIce mat999 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 18:43:57 MSK 2011

Me and alot of people are waiting patinently for nginx persistant connection
support for http proxy backends. Ive been looking into writing a module
myself but finaly given up (I realised how much I really do hate C).

Please Igor, Please, its probably the most requested feature ever, and it
isnt too complicated for a C expert to add. Basicly this was my methodology
- probably not the most efficient but simple.

1. before backend connect load connections from shared memory, just a simple
array of structs and lock
2. Replace connect with if statemnt, if an open non in use connection is
found in the data use it, else make new connection.
3. If new connection made, add to struct, and save shared memory.
4. Release lock

Of course checking connection status and all that would be recomended, but
this was my plan for basic support (If only I understood the nginx code

So yeah, Igor - Please.
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