by-passing the alph-numerical system for an image file

Helen B. lists at
Tue Feb 15 07:55:51 MSK 2011

I like to re-arrange my images within a file, placing related images 
next to each other, regardless of the order that I photographed them in 
(e.g.  a macro shot of a building and a detail shot of the same building 
photographed on a different day).   Or, when doing a slide show I might 
put comparable images next to each other. I have always been able to do 
this while I had Windows XP and older programmes.  Now I have Windows 7 
and it wont let me move my images around - they just jump straight back 
to the slot the computer has 'chosen' when I try to drag and drop one. 
This is ridiculous!
  What do I have to do to bypass the alph-numerical system - PLEASE can 
someone help me!

Thanks!  Helen

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