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Tue Feb 15 18:50:43 MSK 2011

hi kaspars 

I tried to install APC and php-fpm but no luck i couldnt find any repo
to do that i found some repo but they are fairly old and even try to
install it says no package available either apc nor php-fpm do i need to
use both apc and php-fpm in order to reduce cpu usage? 

php-fpm: i tried manual installation but no luck after rpm installation
i try to start it couldnt find config file and it says you need to use
key either -a -e -i -v etc. even config file is there /etc/pfp.fpm.conf
then i uninstalled 
APC: tried to install manual no luck tried to install via whm installed
but when i restart nginx page goes blank after 30second i dont know
maybe spawn fcgi caused problem. then i unstalled apc 


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