proxy_store issue

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Wed Feb 16 17:42:06 MSK 2011

thx Igor.. It's fixed now :)

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Subject: Re: proxy_store issue

On 16.02.2011, at 17:23, Indo Php wrote:

I'm using proxy_store. It's works perfectly. Until now, we're fetching a HTML 
>The error that I got is, the HTML which is fetched, shows me
>         {Â}1ëÚ'w§»[4¢¥ÑMû~9ͯCE»2öÜeBߧ}ùøt`A¹
>Is there anybody knows why it's happended? It's working very well if I'm 
>fetching IMage, SWF, JS files

proxy_set_header  Accept-Encoding  "";

Igor Sysoev

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