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Thu Feb 17 17:44:10 MSK 2011

Hello everyone,

I used to use the following trick to cut the initial www. from the
address so that would redirect to

server {

    if ($host ~* www\..*) {
        rewrite ^(.*)$ $1 permanent;

Well, this method no longer works. I do not know when it stopped working
but I will get "The page isn't redirecting properly" in Firefox. It
still puzzles me the documentation still implies this should work:

[quote]"Note that if a redirect is relative (has no host part), then
when redirecting Nginx uses the "Host" header if the header match name
of server_name directive or the first name of server_name directive, if
the header does not match or is absent. If no server_name is set, then
the local hostname is used. If you want Nginx to always use the "Host"
header, you can use a wildcard "*" server_name (but see the restrictions
on doing so)"[/quote]

Why is that and more importantly, what trick should I use to redirect -->

Thank you!

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