HEAD request breaks fastxgi_cache

graq nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Feb 18 08:10:29 MSK 2011

I have registered with Uptime Robot. You can have it monitor a URL. It
does this by sending a HEAD request every 5 to 10 minutes and checking
for an OK response. This request triggers the fastcgi cache with an
empty content. If I understand the wiki correctly I can't not cache HEAD
requests (http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpFcgiModule#fastcgi_cache_methods).

The only (dubious) fix this I can see at the moment is to add an IP
exception to the nginx config. However that effectively leaves the site
open to abuse by someone being malicious.

Is there a way I can just cache GET requests? Or requests with body
content size > 0? Or is there a better way?

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