Complie Module Error: nginx-upload-module

Mark Constable markc at
Thu Feb 17 21:21:35 MSK 2011

On 18/02/11, Valery Kholodkov wrote:
> > If by "current" you mean "master" branch from GitHub, then
> > you're wrong. Try using "2.2" branch ;)
> > 
> > btw Valery: you should really push "2.2" to "master", this
> > issue is reported over and over again.
> The master branch contains some experimental code. I prefer
> to think about master as experimental and keep stable code
> on branches.

It should be the other way around, "always summer in trunk" where
master is reasonably stable and various experiments are done in
other branches and only merged to master when stabilised, possibly
channeled through a "next" branch.

Why? Because knowing which branch is stable requires special
knowledge about the project, and is a moving target, whereas the
master branch is a single persistent and canonical target that
newbies, and experts, can pull knowing it will always build and
most likely operate as advertised.

Stable code in branches is what tags are for.


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