How nginx's "location if" works (Was Re: Setting cache parameter via if directives)

Alexander Kunz akunz at
Fri Feb 18 14:19:27 MSK 2011

On 16.02.2011 05:25, agentzh wrote:
> For our own business, the only "back-end application" is the mysql,
> tokyotyrant, and memcached clusters (as well as many other such "true
> backends"). We do use nginx as the "web application server" (in
> contrast with the "web server"), and use Lua as the "application
> language":)

that sound really interested. Please can you give me a hint how you use 
Lua as applicaton language? How do you merge for example a Headline from 
mysql/redis into your html code? Is it possible to use something like 
templates? Or replace a token like ##Headline## in static html pages?

With content_by_lua i can wonderful output the data, but what about the 
html code?

Kind regards


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