Problem with nginx/0.8.54 and alias

Dayo nginx-forum at
Sat Feb 19 09:12:42 MSK 2011

Jim Ohlstein Wrote:
> I addressed your issue about which you haven't
> made "multiple" 
> complaints. It seems that you are the *only* one
> complaining about it 
> despite there being nearly 4000 registered users.
> See above.
> I host and administer the forum in the little
> spare time that I have. I 
> have no ads or other compensation. I try to deal
> with spam posts and 
> legitimate posts that are caught in the spam
> filter in a timely fashion.
> If someone else feels that they can do a better
> job, let me know and I 
> will give you the files and database in a zip and
> Igor can point the 
> subdomain to your IP. No hard feelings.
> Or, if Igor wants the forum closed, all he needs
> do is say the word...

Well, see here for requests,123310.
Perhaps people don't complain because they see the request being
Anyway, no need to spit the dummy.
Please consider giving the option to disable the "feature". 
Two methods are posted in the link.

Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated.

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