Problem with nginx/0.8.54 and alias

Ryan Malayter malayter at
Tue Feb 22 00:36:26 MSK 2011

Most of the issues described here have been suffered by many other
open source projects, and are essentially solved problems. So I would
like to re-introduce the idea of moving project management of nginx to
one of the popular open source project hosing sites.

Since I believe Igor uses Subversion, I immediately think of
SourceForge or Google Code as reasonable choices. We could then
integrate forums, mailing lists, wikis, bug-tracking, etc. over time.
The forum/email/spam issues are taken care of mostly automatically by
such services.

Of course Igor, Maxim, agentzh, and the other major contributors would
have to be the ones to make such a choice of hosting services. I
imagine whichever open source hosting service has the best Russian
language support (and good connectivity to Russia) would be a good
choice. Are there any European or Russian equivalents to SourceForge
out there that have good internationalization options? The "automatic"
integration of Google Translate might make Google code attractive, but
using Subversion (or any SCM) over a high-latency link such as
Russia<->USA can be painful.

I personally would be willing to help with or lead migration of
Subversion repositories, wiki pages, past release files, forum data,
and documentation to any services chosen. Unfortunately, I speak only
English and very poor German, which might limit the aid I can offer.


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