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Tue Feb 22 19:14:23 MSK 2011


I have Zend Framework project working so all non static requests are
forwarded to public/index.php. But now I need to allow PHP scripts from
another folder - /generator/ to work as usual. So I've added another
location and use "fastcgi_param   SCRIPT_FILENAME

As a result it returns "No input file specified.". Not sure what's the
problem is.

Thanks for any help. Here you are config file:

server {
        listen   80;
        server_name  ***************;

        gzip on;
        gzip_types text/html text/css application/x-javascript
application/javascript text/plain text/xml;

        charset utf-8;

        #access_log  /var/log/nginx/localhost.access.log;

        location / {
                root   /var/www/new/public;
                fastcgi_index  index.php;

                fastcgi_store           off;
                fastcgi_store_access    user:rw  group:rw  all:r;

                charset utf-8;

                fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME
                include        fastcgi_params;
                index          index.php;

        location /generator/ {
                fastcgi_param   SCRIPT_FILENAME
                include         fastcgi_params;

        location ~*
                root /var/www/new/public;
                expires max;



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