upload issue when NGINX actes as reverse proxy

Web George webgreatwall at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 12:18:44 MSK 2011

Thanks Weibin's feedback.

I searched a mail with the same issue.
 ref:  http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,5506,146254

>From the update of Igor, it should be an issue and would be developed.

We do not know the latest status...

It seems that UPLOAD module can not solve the issue.

Anyone has a good method for the issue?


2011/2/25 Weibin Yao <nbubingo at gmail.com>

> Web George at 2011-2-25 14:36 wrote:
>> Hi all:
>>  I met an issue when I use NGINX.
>>  When NGINX works as reverse proxy, I try to upload about 300M file to the
>> backend webserver, I failed.
>>  1) I change the entry "client_max_body_size 300m" in nginx.conf, but I
>> still fail.
> What's the error.log show?
>  2) It seems that the file is cached by nginx,then re-transmit to backend.
>>  If I want to upload 1GB size file and there is no enough memory in
>> reverse-server, it is fail also?
> No, If there is not enough memory, Nginx will save it to a temporary file
> in the disk. After file uploading completed, Then it will send this static
> temporary file to backend.
>>  3) can we set bypass the file uploading ?
>>  anyone can give me some help?
>>  thanks
>> George
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