Passing variables to access_log, error_log names

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Sun Feb 27 19:46:00 MSK 2011

Jim Ohlstein
On Feb 27, 2011 11:28 AM, "Dayo" <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> > > server {
> > >   listen 80;
> > >   server_name ~^(www\.)?(?P[^.]+)$;
> >
> > Just a side note: forum is still eating data
> > (originally
> > "P" was here), you may want to consider using
> > mailing
> > list directly instead.
> Unfortunately, the mailing list is not as user friendly for me as the
> forum.
> I note that the forum module being used has the option to strip HTML and
> BB Code tags which must be activated.

Perhaps you should read and search and you will see that this discussion was
had in the past and again recently. Stripping bbcode tags strips everything
between square brackets. This is worse. Can you show me where HTML is *not*

I've offered to turn it over to anyone who thinks that he or she can do it
better. Care to take me up? If not then stop sniping. If yes, get Igor's
approval and I'll package up the database and files for you.

> I wonder if the forum admin would consider switching it off.
> I also wonder if he will get round to looking at my suggestion for
> dealing with the problem with the preview setting which disrupts
> navigating the forum.

I wonder when you'll stop whining about it.

See above

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Jim Ohlstein
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