Accessing binary blob data in MySQL backend

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Wed Jun 1 10:12:34 MSD 2011

agentzh Wrote:
> On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 11:50 PM, Piotr Sikora
> <piotr.sikora at> wrote:

> There's a specification for the RDS binary format
> in ngx_drizzle's README file:
> See the Output section there.

First of all, thanks to both of you, Piotr and agentzh, for your

> > Anyway, I believe that agentzh was/is working on
> RDS parser for Lua.
> >
> Yeah, I'll work on the RDS API for ngx_lua, for
> example:
>     local lua_table =
> ngx.from_rds(some_rds_binary)
>     local rds_binary = ngx.to_rds(some_lua_table)

That what be awesome, really :-) I would be happy to test code as soon
as available.

> We surely *can* implement a drizzle_output
> directive though it's much
> more difficult than ngx_postgres because
> ngx_drizzle is designed to
> work in a streaming fashion while libpq in the Pg
> world always buffer
> the whole resultset.

Haven't thought about that, but makes perfect sense.

> It seems that I still do have a lot of interesting
> stuffs to work on,
> huh? ;) Well, the focus in the future will,
> however, be on developing
> a full-fledged non-blocking streaming mysql C
> driver from scratch for
> nginx because both libmysql and libdrizzle are sad
> in one way or
> another.

Sounds like a plan, but surely it cannot be expeceted that this will be
available soon, right?

For now maybe another area I can look at is MySQL's upcoming Memcache
interface [1] (which would also reduce the pain for SQL query parsing as
in my use case from the web server point of view MySQL is just being
used as a key value store) and access it via the Memcache module.


Anyway, many thanks so far!

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