Silvio Siefke lists at
Wed Jun 1 13:14:19 MSD 2011


On Wed, 1 Jun 2011 13:00:31 +0400 Igor Sysoev wrote:
> Even it is as simple as the first example, I can not understand
> WHY people relies on gobbledygook of rewrite rules instead of
> using high level programming language like PHP.

Oh u be the the inventor of Nginx, this is an honor. Thanks for nginx, 
im more friendly with it, as before. I read a lot of Maillinglists, im
so long use OpenSource Software but never has a dialog with a Inventor 
of a project. I think its nice day today.

So want come back to what i want write to the subject:

I want be honestly, that blog, with comments, RSS Feed and the Secure Points
was my first steps in PHP. Im happy that i could relized the "Project" so.
More PHP Expirence i have not and so i not know how should it relized. I know
it goes, i think its with location header. So i think, nginx has a rewrite
Module, and it were easier as PHP. 

Sure with PHP were better, because i can use the Mysql Table, is automatic i
think, the nginx configuration i must write. 


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