nginx gzip doesn't (always) respect Accept-Encoding header?

Ed W lists at
Wed Jun 1 14:35:40 MSD 2011

On 31/05/2011 23:34, Maxim Dounin wrote:
>> Test 1
>> Using Firefox (use about:config) I change my Accept-Encoding 
>> header to be blank and now Firefox show me a page of unprintable 
>> characters (gzipped content is still sent but apparently not 
>> decoded by Firefox)
> Are you sure content is actually "sent"?  I suspect it's extracted by 
> Firefox from it's cache instead.

Hmm, I believe it was sent because I could see the file size changing?
However, I have upgraded to nginx 1.0 and repeated the test and I see no
problem now.

At worst I guess it's something which is fixed, will also concede user
error though! Seems fine in any case

Thanks so much for nginx

Ed W

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