Rewrite help when files do NOT have a ".php" extension

pk899 nginx-forum at
Fri Jun 3 22:38:29 MSD 2011

i managed to get it all installed, but the php-fpm and "location" stuff
is just too difficult for now. will deal with that later. 

right now, at least to gain from nginx serving static files and some
bits of proxy_cache, i did this: 

1. setup nginx on port 81
2. left apache on 80 (as my site is live) 

this worked. proxying was happening etc. 

then, to make it live, i did this: 

1. moved apache to 8081
2. moved nginx to 80
3. restarted both, first apache, then nginx 

but now, with nginx being my front server, i just get 404 file not

any idea why? why does just port change lead to this? 


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