URGENT: cookies don't work with nginx (proxying to apache!)

pk899 nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sun Jun 5 21:04:54 MSD 2011

pk899 Wrote:
> Hi. nginx is proxying to apache. Everything works.
> Except cookies. My php pages seem just not to be
> able to set cookies! 
> Is there any specific directive that I should
> watch out for? 
> Could proxy_cache stuff be interfering with it
> maybe? 
> My nginx.conf file is here: 
> http://tinypaste.com/18331
> My proxy.inc file is here: 
> http://tinypaste.com/a499c
> Silly question: I am passing the header "Set
> Cookie". Is there a header for "Get Cookie"?

I ran some tests, and it seems one of the issues is that if cookies are
being set in a page, then the "header(location: xyz)' command does not

In apache, we got over this by setting output_buffering = on. 

What's the equivalent on nginx? 


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