Help with X-Accel-Redirect and "rewrite or internal redirection cycle" errors

Iain Barnett iainspeed at
Mon Jun 6 17:48:05 MSD 2011

Thanks for replying.

On 6 Jun 2011, at 14:14, António P. P. Almeida wrote:

> Problably your app is issuing redirects for that request.

I thought that with the /files location that the Ruby app wouldn't be touched once it handed off the download?

> You should
> issue the X-Accel-Redirect header with the the download location. 
> X-Accel-Redirect path/to/download/file 
> Only then will the Ruby handling of the file will be overriden and the
> download handled by Nginx. Cf.
> --- appa

The Ruby code issues the path so it looks like a uri:

      headers( {'X-Accel-Redirect' => "/files/#{title}", 
                'Content-Type' => "audio/#{File.extname(title)[1..-1]}",
                'Content-Disposition' =>  "attachment",
                'Content-Transfer-Encoding' => 'application/octet-stream',
                'Content-Length'  => File.size( path_to_file ).to_s,
                'Cache-Control' => 'no-cache',
                'Content-Description' => 'File Transfer', }) 

Here's an example of an actual header it sends:

D, [Mon 06-06-2011 1439 #82286] DEBUG -- : to_send_to_nginx: {"X-Accel-Redirect"=>"/files/file.m4a", "Content-Type"=>"audio/m4a", "Content-Disposition"=>"attachment", "Content-Transfer-Encoding"=>"application/octet-stream", "Content-Length"=>"9032392", "Cache-Control"=>"no-cache", "Content-Description"=>"File Transfer"}

so with this:

 location /files {
   alias /Users/www/sites/$http_host/assets/files;

it should end up with Users/www/sites/fakehost.blob/assets/files/file.m4a ?

It seems to be correct for what I've read in the docs and examples - does it look right to you?


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