proxy_cache partial response?

杨镭 clanherb at
Wed Jun 8 04:40:23 MSD 2011

will nginx cache partial response when upstream prematutely close

In our production environment, we found the following scenario requires one
to manually clear proxy cache:

1. nginx asks upstrean for some large file, e.g., 5000KB

2. upstream send response, it flushes response header which (at least)
contains content-length

3. Network is completely broken when 200KB was received by nginx. In about
the same time, upstream closed connection by sending a FIN

4. nginx cache the partial response and use it to serve subsequent requests
until expiration.

5. Browser request this large file then indefinitely hangs because
content-length indicates there were more to come but actually nginx has
nothing to send.

lei yang
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