Nginx redis, select database not working?

logar.damir nginx-forum at
Wed Jun 8 05:50:04 MSD 2011

@gregr401    I applied the patch to original redis module, as provided
by Sergey. It works great. Previous I used module from Git. Compiled OK.
Regarding Redis2: I use it when advanced processing is required
(pipeline, redis Lua script). When all I need is simple get with high
frequency I prefer strict C module.

@Sergey.   Used original download url now and applied your patch. Work's
great. Thanks again. Problem solved.

Result in redis monitor after patch applied.
1307496425.913180 "get" "/testredisselect0?dbid=notdef"
1307496426.063073 "select" "0"
1307496426.063085 "get" "/testredisselect0?dbid=notdef"
1307496428.237644 (db 1) "select" "1"
1307496428.237657 (db 1) "get" "/testredisselect1?dbid=1"
1307496428.985250 (db 1) "select" "1"
1307496428.985262 (db 1) "get" "/testredisselect1?dbid=1"
1307496429.165848 (db 1) "select" "1"

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