Migrating from Lighttpd : mod_secdownload show-stopper ?

Epstein nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Jun 9 19:54:46 MSD 2011

I want to migrate from Lighty too. Works so far but i need to use that
"secdownload" functionality of Lighty.
I tried ntr0pies solution, but can't get it to work because of that
time-value ... i think. I get a 404 everytime.

My Script pulls the url like this:
public static function secdownload_url($video_id, $ext, $key)
		$file	= ($ext == 'mobile') ? '/mobile/'.$video_id.'.mp4' :
                $hex    = sprintf("%08x", time());
        return md5($key.$file.$hex).'/'.$hex.$file;   	
Maybe someone can help me with that. Thank you very much.

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