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Thanks for reply. I really appreciate your help.

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> By MD5 you mean $apr1$ password scheme, as
> generated by htpasswd 
> -m?  It's supported since 1.0.3 and don't have any
> length 
> limitations.

Yes, that's correct. I've created my password without any additional
switch so I assumed it's MD5 (htpasswd -m), the password is:
- "abcdefhi12" - however I can log in when I type only first eight
characters "abcdeghi"

> It looks like you have "location ~ \.html$" and
> "location ~ 
> \.php$" which match (a) and (b) and you don't have
> any Joomla 
> fallback there.  If you want to pass anything
> non-existant to 
> Joomla - make sure to actually pass anything.

Could you please help me with this. I add the 'default_server' to the
"location ~ \.html$". Do I have to set anything else?


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