nginx_push_stream module and X-Accel-Redirect, nginx sub-request issue?

Robert Mueller robm at
Tue Jun 21 05:48:59 MSD 2011


I'm trying to use the nginx push stream module here:

The general flow is that the client connects to https://server/events/,
which internally does some auth checks on the connection, and then does
X-Accel-Redirect to to https://server/sub?id=*channelname* to connect
the push channel to the user.

Unfortunately nginx closes the connection after 5 seconds. I asked the
module author about this, and he mentioned that he had already seen the
issue, but it's related to an internal nginx code design with sub
requests which he talks about here:

Not being an expert on the code, I'm not sure where the issue is, but
was hoping to connect people so it can be resolved :)

Rob Mueller
robm at

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