[ANNOUNCE] auth request module 0.2

adamchal nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Jun 22 00:52:58 MSD 2011

I actually got this working with the built-in memcache and userid
modules.  This is REALLY cool and I'm going to be re-thinking how to
provide security/authentication in other projects using this approach. 
Thanks for the quick feedback and your hard work Maxim.

Here's a snippet of my configuration:

server {
    auth_request            /auth;

    location = /auth {
      auth_request          off;
      set $memcached_key    sso$cookie_uid;
      memcached_pass        mmc:11211;
      error_page            404
                            =403 /login.html;
    location = /login.php {
      auth_request          off;
      # fastcgi_param 
      fastcgi_pass          unix:/var/lib/php.sock;

Note: this example uses PHP/FastCGI instead of proxy_pass.

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