Try_files and location blocks

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Fri Jun 24 02:46:36 MSD 2011

On 23 Jun 2011 23h29 WEST, dave at wrote:

> Thanks very much for looking at this. 
> appa at writes:
>> Also your later config could be simplified:
>> server {
>> ...
>> location / {
>> try_files $uri $uri/ /error.php?c=404 =404;
> Where is this "=" notation documented? That try_files line looks
> exactly like what I'm trying to do and appears much more elegant.

Use google translate :) Yes it's missing from the wiki :(

> I was under some impression that try_files could not take arguments
> with a URI, which may be an assumption based on the name of the
> directive.  It's not really documented that try_files can do this
> either, unless I'm looking in the wrong place?

It's explicitly stated in the wiki that you *must* specify the args
because in the try_files directive they're not preserved as opposed to
what happens in a rewrite directive.

> Right?


> Finally, exactly what happens if you have location blocks but none
> of them match and you haven't specified a default?

You should get a 404.

--- appa

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