test reading fail when use https

wandenberg nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sat Jun 25 18:49:32 MSD 2011


I use the function ngx_http_test_reading in the module Nginx Push Stream
Module (https://github.com/wandenberg/nginx-push-stream-module) to know
when the user goes off, but when using https  this function always
return a value on call 
n = recv(c->fd, buf, 1, MSG_PEEK);

Checking what was happening and comparing with others calls on same file
ngx_http_request.c I saw that others calls are done with c->recv instead
of recv .

On the case of https this c->recv points to ngx_ssl_recv, which can sure
detect when user goes off.

I would like to suggest to change the line 
n = recv(c->fd, buf, 1, MSG_PEEK); 
n = c->recv(c, buf, 1);

} else if (n == -1) {
} else if ((n == -1) || (n == -2)) {

to other returns on https.

I'm not sure if it has any side effect, and don't know if here is the
best place to do this suggestion, sorry if not.


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