How to redirect to a query

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On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 05:50:33AM -0500, sjark wrote:

Hi there,

> Thanks that works! one more question

The main docs are at with useful English-language
content at and

If you end up guessing the config syntax, could you mention which docs
you read that were unclear? That way, hopefully, they can be fixed --
or the "right" docs made more findable -- so that the next person with
the same difficulty will have an easier time. Thanks!

> can I do something like this if $host = '' and $arg_index
> = "" then it should go to if
> it go to

In nginx, "different host names" usually means "different server{}
blocks". That way, you only have one if() condition to worry about,
which reduces it to a problem already solved :-)

I realise this may be a simplified example, but: if "index" must always
be present and always equal to "site", then perhaps whatever handles
the request could be told to assume that? This is similar to Igor's
"don't redirect; handle it internally" suggestion.

Maybe similar analysis will make your full application configuration be
clear too.

Good luck with it,

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