[ANN] ngx_echo v0.35: ability to POST/PUT local files as subrequest bodies

Elena Zwetkow ezwetkow at gmx.de
Thu Mar 10 11:16:42 MSK 2011


could this be a way to put POST multipart uploads to redis/memcache? I look for a solution to put small Images to redis or memcached. 

I am right, if i use a fileread with lua in nginx the script is blocking? Any ideas how i can store POST multipart uploads nonblocking? I know there is a great file upload module for nginx, but what happens if i use lua to work on an uploaded file like move / rename / copy uploaded files, this blocks nginx? How can i check if something block nginx?

Thanks for your help.


Hi, folks!

I'm happy to announce the v0.35 release of the ngx_echo module, which
features the ability to POST/PUT location files as subrequest bodies
via the -f option of the echo_subrequest and echo_subrequest_async

You can get the release tarball from the download page below


This new feature was implemented by Bernd Dorn. Many thanks to him ;)

Bernd uses the nginx upload module to upload big files and he wants to
issue a PUT subrequest with the uploaded file to store the file
somewhere else based on its hash (hash generation is done by the
upload module). So it's nice to have something like a file option to
replace the "-b" option in the echo_subrequest directive like this:

     echo_subrequest PUT /some_upstream/$upload_file_md5 -f $upload_tmp_path

The echo module wraps lots of Nginx internal APIs for streaming input
and output, parallel/sequential subrequests, timers and sleeping, as
well as various meta data accessing. You can read the full
documentation on the following wiki page:


and you can always get the latest source code from GitHub:


Happy echoing!

Best regards,

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