Question on Evan Miller's tutorial - Body filter?

ctasdemir nginx-forum at
Thu Mar 10 18:06:36 MSK 2011

I'm going through Evan Miller's tutorial on Nginx module. In part "4.2.
Anatomy of a Body Filter", there's a piece of code like this:
"And hook the buffer into a new chain link:

    ngx_chain_t   added_link;

    added_link.buf = b; = NULL;
Finally, hook the new chain link to the final chain link we found

    chain_link->next = added_link;
And reset the "last_buf" variables to reflect reality:

    chain_link->buf->last_buf = 0;
    added_link->buf->last_buf = 1;"

At the last line, added_link is being used as a structure pointer but at
the beginning it's defined as a structure. Am i missing something?
Compiler gives error for this incompetible usage.


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