nginx, from connected to first byte.

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Mon Mar 14 17:57:10 MSK 2011

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 10:09:15AM -0400, digginchina wrote:

Hi there,

> i set up a nginx server with php fastcgi last month, but i found a little problem with it.
> my frontpage is loaded in 8-10 seconds, but there is 7 seconds waste from the time when connected server, to the time when start to send the first byte. the real time which is used by the process of connection and transmission is short, i can't find a solution, could anybody help me?

The debug log will probably show what nginx thinks is happening during
the full 8-10 seconds. Look either side of the 7-second gap to see
whether you are better off examining nginx, the nginx-fastcgi connection,
or the fastcgi-application interaction.

Good luck with it,

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