nginx access logs, timestamps "jump back"

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Wed Mar 16 05:26:16 MSK 2011

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for the response.

How are the workers allocated work?  I'm still curious as to why I'd see a large block of ELB-only traffic flushed to the log at the same time, rather than a mix.  Any thoughts on that?

Presumably, the chance of multiple workers flushing the same type of log messages (ELB-only) at the same time is very low, especially when we're seeing constant traffic from end-users more frequently than ELB health checks.  Am I perhaps seeing all ELB-only traffic flushed from the buffer of a single worker?  Are workers chosen based on server/location directives?

ps.  Each web server in the load balancer pool is dealing with approximately 60 simultaneous connections, approximately 6 requests per second, and an ELB health check is performed every 30 seconds for each of 4 ELBs.  The logs show that 3 of those health checks happen in the same second.


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