Issue in Lua-nginx-module when use both ngx.location.capture and ngx.exec

agentzh agentzh at
Thu Mar 17 09:44:05 MSK 2011

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 7:45 PM, Wendal Chen <wendal1985 at> wrote:
> #用中文再说一遍,英语水平有限:
> 我得到的最小集合就是:
> 1. nginx.conf
> location /test {
>     root html;
>     content_by_lua_file "conf/test.lua";
> }
> server/http等配置按默认的, event module用的是 epoll
> 2. test.lua文件仅2行:
> ngx.location.capture('/1.html')
> ngx.exec("/1.html")
> 我尝试过,无论这两句话是否请求同一个文件,结果都一样.
> 3. 1.html文件里面仅有几个字母,我已经试过不同的文件大小,结果一样
> 我遇到的情况是这样的:
> 1. 通过wget/curl/Firefox来访问 localhost/test 都能正常显示1.html中的内容
> 2. 使用ab访问 localhost/1.html是正常的,能够pass
> 3. 使用ab进行测试,总是timeout ,

I've reproduced it on my side. This is indeed a bug. When ngx.exec()
is used after ngx.location.capture() or ngx.location.capture_multi(),
nginx 0.8.11+ will not close the client connection due to leaked
request reference counter (r->main->count). A hacky work-around is to
disable nginx http keepalive and rely on the browser (and other http
clients) to actively close the connection. And that's why wget, curl,
firefox, and other well-written http clients worked for you.

Nginx 0.7.68 (and older) is confirmed to work in this context just
because older nginx does not use reference counting.

I'll attempt fix in the next few days. Thank you for reporting this
and sorry about this issue :)


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