Disable memory buffer for file uploads

akaris nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Mar 23 03:17:28 MSK 2011


I'm using the latest version of Nginx, PHP/PHP-FPM on a Linux machine
with 2GB of ram and plenty of hard disk space.

My problem is this: when I upload a large (2GB, for exemple) file on my
Web site, Nginx buffers the whole file in memory, and this will be come
a huge problem as we're going to have a lot of users uploading large
files in a near future. So I gave a try to the Nginx upload module as I
thought it would write directly to disk and skip memory, but no, I still
have the same issue.

I'm currently looking at solutions like Plupload (Flash uploader) that
can chunk an upload in many small files - but the perfect solution would
be to be able to tell Nginx to write the client body directly to file,
and never keep it in memory.

Is it possible?


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