body_bytes_sent always 0

steveh nginx-forum at
Thu Mar 24 02:20:02 MSK 2011

Ok I've figured this out but I'm not sure if its a bug or a "feature"
the issue is that in stage #2 I was also setting:
proxy_set_header X-Bytes-Sent $body_bytes_sent;

This appears to cause $body_bytes_sent to be evaluated and "stored" so
that subsequent uses of $body_bytes_sent don't call the method
ngx_http_variable_body_bytes_sent to determine the amount of body bytes
sent but instead uses the already stored value, which is now out of

In this case the solution is to not set X-Bytes-Sent to $body_bytes_sent
in previous phase of the request, however there may be other cases where
this is not possible, and where dynamic variable is required instead of
a static one.

Looking through the source the fix for this could be to set
NGX_HTTP_VAR_NOCACHEABLE for body_bytes_sent?

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