Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Sat Mar 26 12:05:21 MSK 2011

The first maintainance release of uWSGI 0.9.7 is available

- fixed/improved python stackless support


- added persistence for queue

add --queue-store <file>

- forbid daemonizing in vassal mode

without this fix emperor will lose connection with vassals

- modifier1 30 is available again

this is nginx specific

- allow python modules to be mapped/aliased via http


now you can do

--pymodule-alias myapp.settings=http://mydomain/mymodule

- added --pidfile2 and --logfile-chown

pidfile2 will generate the pidfile after privileges drop
logfile-chown will change the owner of the logfile if --uid/--gid
are used

- added UWSGI_CACHE_GET dynamic variable

check in the uWSGI cache before passing request to the specific handler

- 304/If-Modified-Since support for --check-static

static file serve mode now supports this http header

- option --check-cache for integrated caching

works in the same way as UWSGI_CACHE_GET, but optimized for
situations where cache miss are higher that cache hit

- option --map-socket to assign specific workers to socket

If you have 8 workers and 3 sockets you can distribute requests:

--map-socket 0:1,2,3
--map-socket 1:4,5,6
--map-socket 2:7,8

this will map the first socket to workers 1,2 and 3, the second one to 4,5
and 6 and the third to 7 and 8.

This feature is very useful for QoS in multiapp mode or to dedicate
resources to a specific app

- fixed unix fd passing on older OSX versions
- fixed post-buffering without pep3333-input
- fixed python threading without uwsgi cores
- support for Linux network namespace

if you add --namespace-net the jail will be created in a new network

- build with sys.abiflags if necessary

You can download it from



pip install uwsgi

Thanks for yor support

Roberto De Ioris

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