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Sun Mar 27 07:46:40 MSD 2011

I use nginx server as a reverse proxy for a lot of diferent origins.
Many virtualhosts with many upstream servers. I dont have total control
of hostnames that will be configured on upstreams.This configuration
will be done automatically based on what my clients configure on my
solution CP. So I have some problems:

 - One client can use invalid or wrong values, that does not resolver
and put down all my server.
 - I dont have control of hostname, if  client make any change to the
hostname or put down his dns server my nginx server can stop.
 - If nginx cant contact my resolver all my soltion will go down

Use ip or hosts file is not a option because of environment
I see this post,15995,16062 about the
problem. I dont found any soltions for it.

Can that problem or behavior can be easy treaty by a patch? Nginx
developer team have a roadmap or intent to change it? Can i pay for a
patch that workaround this problem?



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