getting ip address from fastcgi for Wordpress plugin

toddlahman nginx-forum at
Tue Mar 29 06:21:31 MSD 2011

I am running a Redhat EL5 server using Nginx 0.8.54 on the frontend,
with Apache 2.2.3 on the backend and mod_rpaf to forward the IP address
to be used in filtering spam from Wordpress comments using the Spam Free
Wordpress plugin. (

I would like to use fastcgi to serve PHP, but I am not aware of any way
for fastcgi to forward the visitor's IP address like mod_rpaf does for
Apache for use by my Wordpress plugin.

I don't currently use mod_fastcgi to connect to an external fastcgi
process like spawn-fcgi because I can't get it to work, or php-fpm
because I cannot find the proper php-common rpm and other dependency rpm
files I need to connect memcached and other stuff.

Does anyone have a solution to this? If so could you share your complete
configuration files from Nginx, and Apache, or the fastcgi configuration
outside either of these applications? I am open to any and all
suggestions, but appreciate complete config examples to save time.

Thank you.

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