Execution order of HttpLimitReq, proxy_pass and rewrites

j0nes2k nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Mar 30 17:51:16 MSD 2011

Hello Francis,

okay, I see. So nginx seems to (randomly?) choose one of the location
blocks - in my case it was the lower one using the proxy_pass directive.

However I have several scripts running under /cgi-bin that need
different limit_req settings - there are scripts that need to have a
strong limit and others do not need a limit at all. I have tried
something like

location /cgi-bin/ {
   if ($request_filename ~ test\.pl) {
       limit_req zone=one nodelay burst=3;
   proxy_pass http://default_backend/cgi-bin/;

...but unfortunately limit_req is not allowed in this context. Is there
another option how I could get limit_req to work for me?


Best regards,
Jonas Kaufmann

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