HTTPLimitRequest Module: Whitelisting IPs

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Thu Mar 31 01:42:36 MSD 2011

Were you able to figure out a way to do this? I am in the same
situation, I would like to whitelist internal IPs as well as some bots.
Our limit_req is in the same block as a fastcgi backend, so all requests
that hit fastcgi go through this block. I tried the if ($condition)
{limit_req} but this wasn't allowed by nginx.

j0nes2k Wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use the HTTPLimitRequests Module to
> prevent excessive usage of resources on our
> server. However we also have some spikes which
> seem to originate from search bots or other
> allowed usage. We want to keep these requests from
> known IP adresses untouched and limit all other
> requests. 
> Is there a way to whitelist IPs using this module?
> Thank you for your answer!
> Best regards,
> Jonas Kaufmann

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