nginx config: multiple locations, authentication in one, triggered for both?

roger.moffatt nginx-forum at
Mon Nov 7 11:48:59 UTC 2011

Doh! Of course ... I had a note on my list about favicon showing the
wrong thing, and of course it was showing the wrong thing on my logged
in system precisely because of this!

>Most likely, the authentication request appears due to your
>browser doing automatic requests to /favicon.ico or something

I can't test it at present but I'm certain this will be the problem, It
makes me think that perhaps my config is a little dangerous so now I
know the approach is correct, I'll perhaps swap things around so that I
can keep / unprotected completely just in case and add the auth for
known paths to the couch back end. That should work fine in my case as I
only have a couple of databases to secure.

Many thanks Maxim!


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