gzip - unexplained side effects

dbanks nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Nov 9 19:09:29 UTC 2011

Hi Igor, thanks for your response!

>>If you comment gzip_buffers, you see the previous site state ?

If I comment gzip_buffers, gzip_min_length, and gzip_http_version, I see
the previous (desired) behavior.  

>>What is typical uncompressed and compressed response size ?

Responses are 6.8k or smaller uncompressed, 2.6k compressed
(gzip_comp_level=9), 2.8k compressed (gzip_comp_level=1).  About half of
the responses are this size, and the other half are less than 1k

We currently have more than adequate CPU and want to minimize bandwidth
costs, so I had assumed that more compression was better.  Is there
another reason that I should stay with the default gzip_comp_level=1? 
(I'm happy to try it--just curious.)



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