nginx serving old version of CSS file

John Moore grails at
Sun Nov 20 21:16:35 UTC 2011

I have spent 2 hours trying to get to the bottom of a problem and am 
utterly stumped. I am certain it must be something I'm doing wrong, and 
NOT an nginx problem, but I can't think for the life of me what it might 
be. What is happening is that nginx is serving up a version of a CSS 
file which I overwrote a couple of hours ago. It's version 0.7.65 
running on Linux. I have a CSS file called temp.css, which I have in the 
/css folder below the root of a virtual host called If I look in 
the folder and view the file with less, I can see it's the correct one. 
But when I do 'wget' I get an old version. In 
fact, when I try in Firefox to see a page which uses this css file, it 
doesn't display properly and when I click on the CSS link in View 
Source, I see the old version with what appears to be a load of binary 
characters at the bottom (they display as little question marks against 
black diamonds). As I say, I am completely stumped. Where could nginx be 
getting this from? I have determined that there is in fact only one file 
actually called this on the hard drive, so it can't be finding the wrong 
copy of the file. I'm beginning to think this might be some weird 
operating system level corruption. Possible?

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