nginx serving old version of CSS file - SOLVED(ish)

John Moore grails at
Mon Nov 21 09:35:25 UTC 2011

On 21/11/11 05:30, Joshua Zhu wrote:
> Did you turn on open_file_cache in your configuration? It's buggy.

No, I didn't. I actually made no change to the configuration other than 
adding the virtual host.

I have, for the moment, solved the problem by moving the root to a 
different location, with the result that the CSS is now served fine. I 
think it must be to do with a bug in VirtualBox, which I have been using 
to provide virtualization. I have a Linux virtual machine running under 
Windows 7. I had moved the virtual host's root to a folder shared from 
the host, so I could work on the website under Windows 7 (and have it 
served by a Linux server). I think there must be a bug in the shared 
folder functionality in the version of VirtualBox I'm using.

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