log request only when they reached a size

KARASZI Istvan ikaraszi at adverticum.com
Wed Nov 23 10:56:21 UTC 2011

Dear list!

I'm new here, so I just hope I'm following the rules.

I would like to send a patch for http_log_module which I made for version nginx-1.0.10.

My company is in adserving business and it is important for us to log the big requests with the access_log feature. But we were unable to do that with nginx, because logging all the requests would produce too much I/O load on our servers.

So I made a patch for http_log_module to accept a `size` parameter which is optional (the last parameter after the `buffer`). If this `size` is provided nginx logs only the big enough requests with access_log (checks for `body_bytes_sent`).

I hope you find it useful and you will include this in the upstream.

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